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        Company Profile

        Brief Introduction of Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group (Version 2016)
        After 30 years of development, with pharmaceutical industry as its core business, Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group has become a large-scale enterprise group in the Pan-health industry integrating R&D, industry and commercialization. The group’s business is involved mainly in the following five fields--pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical commercialization, medical service, TCM plantation, pharmaceutical R&D system and daily chemical industry. The group has 28 wholly-owned subsidiaries, including 9 GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and 2 pharmaceutical trading companies in Sichuan, Yunnan and Shanxi. Taking innovation-driven development Strategy, Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group has established a National Enterprise Technology Center, two Provincial Enterprise Technology Centers, one Provincial Engineering Technology Center, and one Provincial Key Lab. The group has two National Hi-Tech Enterprises which have also been awarded as Sichuan Innovative Enterprises. The group has set up the only Provincial Academician Workstation and Post-doctorate Workstation among the three autonomous Prefectures in Sichuan Province and has set up Industry-University-Research Co-operations with such universities as Zhejiang University, Sichuan University, Macau University of Science and Technology, Chengdu University of TCM, Southwest University for Nationalities and Dali University. Currently, there are four Class 1 new drugs and eight Class 5 new drugs under development. The group is among China’s Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises and China’s Top 100 TCM Pharmaceutical Enterprises. The Brand Gooddoctor has been awarded as China Famous Trademark .In addition to domestic market, the group has also set up two overseas branches--Hao Yi Sheng (Europe) GmbH in Germany and J.N.D in Canada for the development of international market. Our featured products, such as pomegranate juice concentrates and Kanggankeli granule, have already entered European and US markets.  
        The group has 9 GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, such as Sichuan Gooddoctor Panxi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., Sichuan Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd. , Shanxi Jianengda Huayu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., and Shanxi Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., and one hospital management company. In addition, The group has also set up Gooddoctor Panxi Biologics R&D center and Chengdu Gooddoctor R&D center, and has established two pharmaceutical trading companies-- Sichuan Jianengda Pharmaceutical Trading Co.,Ltd., and Yunnan Jianengda Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. ,with 2020 county-based sales offices.
        Our modern agriculture processing industry is distributed mainly in pomegranate series products, Tartary buckwheat series products and aconite series products. The group owns a pomegranate plantation base of over 36,000 hectares, accounting for over 45% of the world’s pomegranate plantation and the pomegranate juice concentrate has passed FDA certification and has been sold to European and US markets. The group has four GAP standard TCM material cultivating/ breeding bases--Periplaneta americana, aconite, rhubarb and Pinellia ternate. The Periplaneta americana breeding base is the first one for insect TCM raw material that has passed GAP certification in China and is also the only medicinal Periplaneta americana breeding base in the world. Our GAP standard Aconite plantation base in Butuo County of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture covers more than 666 hectares, the biggest base for aconite plantation and prepared aconite root production in China. The industry of aconite has led nearly 600 local farmers from poverty to a well-off life. Such excellent products as prepared Tianxiong ( aconite accessory root )and prepared Fuzi(Aconite lateral root) produced by Sichuan Jianengda Panxi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., have been exported to southeast countries and the brand of Gooddoctor Fuzi has been awarded as Trustworthy Brand of TCM Decoction Pieces for three consecutive years.
        As a pharmaceutical enterprise, Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group deeply understands its mission and, instead of being bombastic, we’ve been striving to comply with and execute the plainest rules, to be a good person of conscience, to make good drugs of high efficacy and to bring true health to the public. 
        ‘Be a Good Person, Make Good Drugs.’
        We were! We are! And we will better be……

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